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 SP001 – Chaos Creation: “Demos”


Cassette release of the fine Finish thrashing machinery, taken from their two demos ‘Homicidal Party Time’ & ‘Last Warning’. Xeroxed, hand-drawn cover and dubbed tape. 150 copies. 

 SP002 – Chaos Creation/Warnament: “Arrows of Agony”  Re-release of the original self-released split from 2009, on CD-R. Thrash metal from Macedonia in Finland in great classic way. First abroad experience for both of the bands. Xeroxed cover. 120 copies. 

 SP003 – Tiran: “Demonia” 

Russian death/thrash with cold and grim atmosphere. Cassette release with home-made covers, taken from the original album of the band released by ‘Wings of Destruction’ Productions. Suitable for any taste. 150 copies. 

 SP004 – Pervertum Obscurum/Nadimac: “Eraser”

Unusual concept of mixing two different bands by genre and continent, but awesome creativity and energetic display of power. Pervertum Obscurum – a one man project from Australia combine forces with the Serbian crossover/thrash fanatics Nadimac on this cassette split. Home-made covers, hand-drawn, Xeroxed. 150 copies.

SP005 – Stainless: “Demotheist”

Brothers in metal and drinking. Songs for the soul and awesome heavy and thrash feeling from the fields of Germany. Compilation of two demos and fine Xeroxed cover with lyrics. 250 copies. 

SP006 – V/A: “Macedonian Metal Attack”

Compilation of the best and worst of the Macedonian UG. Fifteen artists and a hand-full of talents. CD-R release with glossy B&W cover. 162 copies. 

 SP007 – Deadly Mosh/Warnament: “Labeled to Confront”

Speed/thrash experience that will blow your minds. Both young and talented bands from the central Balkans (Macedonia & Serbia), each with four songs of rage and fury. CD-R and cassette release and cool Xeroxed covers. 170 CD-R/30 cass. copies. 

 SP008 – National Suicide: “The Old Family is Still Alive”

One of Italy’s finest young bands, practicing cool and vivid thrash metal with crossover moments. Cassette release of the self-released 4-track demo with glossy & colored cover. 200 copies. 

 SP009 – Xanadoo: “Wired Criminal”

If you want a good crossover thrash you got it here!!! Compilation of two demos ‘Blood is Dirt’ & ‘This Demo is Shit’ on one place. Xeroxed cover, CD-R with front and back covers. Split release with ‘Lifespan’ Productions. 250 copies. 

 SP010 – Skullcrush: “Skullcrush”

First album from these Macedonian thrashers now featured on a cassette with glossy B&W cover. Seven songs that will blow your conservative mind, for the sake of being. 56 copies. 

 SP011 – Sarjan Hassan/Nadimac: “Battlefield Thrash”

Again, ‘Stay Pure’ Production gives and opportunity to young crossover/thrash hordes to show what they got. CD-R release with glossy colored cover and a lot of fun time. 150 copies. 

Noise Gate #1 - 24 pages, A5 format. 

Interviews with: Chaos Creation, Wehrmacht, Stainless, Gama Bomb, Horrrifier, Judgment Hammer & John Greely (Ex - Iced Earth). Around 10 reviews. 

Noise Gate #2 - 42 pages, A5 format. 

Interviews with: Paganfire, Riotor, Abusor, Kuga, Devastation & Nadimac. Over 50 reviews.  

Noise Gate #3 - 50 pages, A5 format. 

Interviews with: Violator, Tiran, Evil Blood, Hatchery, Corrupt Insanity, Entrails & Deadly Mosh. Over 100 reviews. 

Noise Gate #4 - 52 pages, A5 format.  

Interviews with: Diabolical Demon Director, In Solitude, Nuclear Beast, Skullcrush & Mediocracy. Over 100 reviews. 

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