Independent label and music fanzine



The idea for starting, firstly a zine, and then a D.I.Y label came around 2009, mostly of love towards Metal/Punk/HC and everything in-between. The first thing to come out was ‘Noise Gate’ #1 with which I made my first contacts abroad in the ‘new’, UG scene, unfamiliar to me before.

Soon I started discovering more and more quality bands, not given a chance before, so I took a step forward helping them promote here and there trough my D.I.Y cassettes. They were home dubbed and had a Xeroxed, hand-written covers, but were traded well, mostly in Europe. The new issue of ‘Noise Gate’ was preparing and more bands came to my collection, some of them again being released.

Some time later, I started using CD-Rs as another format available from me, mostly because of the easiness and cheapness of copying them, considering the conditions I had and have. A little more professional approach were the computer made covers, mostly done by me except for some pictures, and the glossy and colored paper on the releases. The zine had its fourth issue and the music went to ‘SP011’, so eleven releases and four zines in two years…

During this time I was actively involved in the metal and hardcore underground as a guitar player and singer for couple of bands. My time worth spending was with Warnament (thrash metal, Nepokor (hardcore/punk), Street (crossover/thrash) and Pazarna Inspekcija (punk). All of the bands are from my hometown Tetovo (Macedonia) and I am very pleased I spent the days with all of the members, as well as the people I have met while playing. 

Only destiny knows what comes next…