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A.B.H: ‘Alcoholic bastards of hell’ 3€ (Cassette)
Acrostic: ‘Kids playing thrash’ 3€ (Cassette)
Barbatos: ‘Raw war, sexxx, beer and blasphemy’ 3€ (Cassette)
Black Virgin: ‘Live in russelsheim 1989’ 3€ (Cassette)
Blood Pollution: ‘Armed you’ 3€ (Cassette)
Bloodthirst: ‘Let him die’ 3€ (Cassette)
Ceifador/Iron Gang: “The razor of hell is back from the dead’ 3€ (Cassette)
Chaos Creation/Warnament: ‘Arrows of agony’ 3€ (Cassette)
Creation Of Destruction: ‘Creation of destruction’ 3€ (Cassette)
Dër: ‘Crust falls’ 3€ (Cassette)
Decimator: ‘Killing tendency’ 3€ (Cassette)
Diabolical Demon Director: ‘Rehearsal in a grave’ 3€ (Cassette)
Diabolical Demon Director: ‘The demo dungeon 2009-2009’ 3€ (Cassette)
Dismissed: ‘Outnumbered’ 3€ (Cassette)
Drünken Bastards: ‘LIDL-masters 2009’ 3€ (Cassette)
Fatal Energy: ‘Mir straha’ 3€ (Cassette)
Hatefull Agony: ‘Speed metal massacre’ 3€ (Cassette)
Infest: ‘Onwards to destroy’ 3€ (Cassette)
Iron Eagle: ‘Start a riot’ 3€ (Cassette)
Khöld Valley: ‘Khöld valley’ 3€ (Cassette)
Marginal: ‘Marginal’ 3€ (Cassette)
Merciless/Bloodstone/Tortura: ‘Join the thrash army!’ 3€ (Cassette)
Paganfire/Moder: ‘Split cassette’ 3€ (Cassette)
Riotor: ‘Fucking metal’ 3€ (Cassette)
Rubish Mob: ‘Up in the black hole’ 3€ (Cassette)
Thrashera: ‘Speed sex'n roll’ 3€ (Cassette)
Victimized/Xanadoo: ‘Split tape’ 3€ (Cassette)
Warnament: ‘Where home is found’ 3€ (Cassette)
Bestial Torture/Terrorist/Bestial Reviler: ‘Hellthrashing warriors’ 5€ (CD)
Diabolical Demon Director: ‘Inside the cistern’ 2€ (CD-R)
Diabolical Demon Director: ‘Thrash metal poison’ 3€ (CD-R)
Emmos: ‘Vol. 1’ 3€ (CD-R)
Emmos: ‘Vol. 2’ 3€ (CD-R)
Emmos: ‘Your world is a warfield’ 3€ (CD-R)
Impaler: ‘Nightmare attack’ 5€ (CD)
Paganfire/Abigail/Black Sister: ‘Thrash metal superstars’ 5€ (CD)
Paganfire/Sacrosanct: "Winasak ng apoy" 3€ (CD-R)
Rubish Mob: ‘Up in the black hole’ 3€ (CD-R)
Scattered: ‘Introspection’ 5€ (CD)
Serpentine Fire: ‘Out to the light’ 3€ (CD-R)
Stainless: ‘Beerquest’ 3€ (CD-R)
Street: ‘In protest’ 3€ (CD-R)
Warnament: ‘Where home is found’ 5€ (CD)
Xanadoo: ‘This demo is shit’ 5€ (CD)
Xanadoo/Wolves of Tchernobil: ‘We sold our soul to thrash…’ 5€ (CD)
Тиран: ‘Demo 2010’ 3€ (CD-R)


Ul Mik Longobardeath: ‘Bonarda bastarda’ 2€ (Cassette)
Lunatic Gods: ‘Inhuman & insensitive’ 3€ (CD-R)


Glaukom Synod: ‘Macabre remixes’ 2€ (Cassette)
Cat.N.Bone: ‘I will clap when I will dying’ 2€ (CD-R)


‘Posthuman underground compilation vol. II’   Bonus
‘The underworld’   Bonus
‘Fakete terror–hungarian black assault’   Bonus
‘Hungarian Black Assault Vol. II’   Bonus
‘From Russia with hate’   Bonus
‘The Last Ride Of Dead Kings’   3€ (CD)


‘Carbonized cells’ (#1)   2€
‘Cladenstine’ (#1)   2€
‘Escritas do subsolo’ (#2)   2€
‘Ignominious torments’ (#2)   2€
‘Blue pages zine’   Bonus  
‘Vampir’ (#15)   2€
‘Vampir’ (#16)   2€


‘True thrash fest’   5€
‘Kümme Surmatalve’   3€


‘Nuclear Thrash Prods’   Bonus
‘Tiran’   Bonus
‘Cum Sock’ 1   Bonus
‘Cum Sock’ 2   Bonus
‘Stainless’   Bonus


Absurd Conflict: 10 years of depression and beers’ 3 (Cassette) 
Altras/Heaving Earth: Engulfed’ 3 (Cassette)
Butcher ABC: Official bootleg live’ 3 (Cassette)
Craniotomy: …And from flesh to bone’ 3 (Cassette)
Dead Joker: Verture’ 3 (Cassette)
Deranger: Broken heaven’ 3 (Cassette)
Entrails: Reborn’ 3 (Cassette)
Gripe: The future doesn’t need you’ 3 (Cassette)
Herpes: Doomsday’ 3 (Cassette)
Horrid: Unreleased promo 93’ 3 (Cassette)
Impureza: Inquisition – the demo years’ 3 (Cassette)
Infernal Dominion: Salvation trough infinite suffering’ 3 (Cassette)
Lunatic Gods: Mythus’ 3 (Cassette)
Moder: Bremen devastation’ 3 (Cassette)
Moder: Ewiger tod’ 3 (Cassette)
Moder: Fields of devastation/Valley of no light’ 3 (Cassette)
Morbid Tendency: …Bleeding demos’ 3 (Cassette)
Necroptic: Meticulous pathology’ 3 (Cassette)
Nerlich: Innards’ 3 (Cassette)
Porfyria: Enjoy the pain’ 3 (Cassette)
Sanatorio: Rotten death church’ 3 (Cassette)
Septory: World war chaos’ 3 (Cassette)
Ahriman: ‘Apology for destruction’ 3 (CD-R)
Art Of Massacre: Massacre of art’ 3 (CD-R)
Avenger: Feast of anger + Joy of despair’ 3 (CD-R)
Draco Hypnalis: Imagination’ 5 (CD)
Flag: Uroboros’ 3 (CD-R)
Grond: Steel coffins’ 5 (CD)
Heavig Earth: Visions of the vultures’ 3 (CD-R)
Immortalist: Progressive demise’ 3 (CD-R)
Jane Dark: Voices from the deep’ 3 (CD-R)
Krampüs: Perverted and sadistic’ 3 (CD-R)
Mindfist: Mindfist’ 3 (CD-R)
Mindfist: Ocean of acrimony’ 5 (CD)
Nalvage: Worship dehumanization’ 5 (CD)
Orthodox: Forever not yet’ 5 (CD)
Pathogen:Blasphemous communion’ 5 (CD)
Pathogen: Into the subconscious void’ 5 (CD)  
Purehate: Saints of blasphemy’ 3 (CD-R)
Tempestilence: Rotting alive’ 3 (CD-R)


Antiquus Scriptum: ‘Abi in malam pestem’ 2€ (Cassette)
Antiquus Scriptum: ‘Immortalis factus’ 2€ (Cassette)
Astarium: ‘Invasion to forbidden’ 2€ (Cassette)
Black Angel: ‘Beyond from beyond’ 2€ (Cassette)
Decimator: ‘Killing tendency’ 2€ (Cassette)
Demons Of Creation: ‘A flor do diabo’ 2€ (Cassette)
Demons Of Creation: ‘Delicate death's steps’ 2€ (Cassette)
Einsamtod: ‘Grey days’ 2€ (Cassette)
Evil Dead: ‘Fall of seraphs’ 2€ (Cassette)
Imperial: ‘Agressors...not followers’ 2€ (Cassette)
Lucantrophy: ‘The right hand of darkness’ 2€ (Cassette)
Moloch Letalis: ‘Arkana chaosu’ 2€ (Cassette)
Mortal Wish: ‘Around the infernal spirits’ 2€ (Cassette)
Mortal Wish: ‘Des canios humanos em vossa offerenda’ 2€ (Cassette)
Mortal Wish: ‘My spirit, as everything began’ 2€ (Cassette)
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle: ‘FBB – culto a guerra!’ 2€ (Cassette)
Sarratum: ‘Old, cold, untold’ 2€ (Cassette)
Selonath: ‘Light in might’ 2€ (Cassette)
Smoke: ‘Celebration of elder spirits’ 2€ (Cassette)
Tempestilence/Mortal Wish: ‘Pieces of a death divinity’ 2€ (Cassette)
The Dead Musician: ‘Anarcho black metal’ 2€ (Cassette)
Stone: ‘Magla’ 2€ (Cassette)
Urt: ‘Satanhark i – püha soda’ 2€ (Cassette)
ZBT/WODM: ‘The unholy alliance’ 2€ (Cassette)
Cavaderic Infection: ‘Rise the evil’ 2€ (CD-R)
Jezebedth: ‘Black visions of death’ 2€ (CD-R)
Malveillance: ‘L'appel du neant/Le froid du nord’ 3€ (CD)
Mortal Wish: ‘Paranormal spirits manifestations’ 3€ (CD)
Vrag: ‘Avarkoporsó’ 2€ (CD-R)


Ebola/Mesrine: ‘Your vice is a closed room’ 3€ (Cassette)
Daily Life Sucks: ‘The last six minutes of your life’ 2€ (CD-R)
Low Fat: ‘Fresh wasabi for a rotting sushis’ 5€ (CD)
Nadir: ‘Eco-ethic’ 5€ (CD)
Nadir/Dim Vision: ‘Lotus eaters – A visceral experience…’ 5€ (CD)
Nihilist: ‘Another dispersion of hate’ 5€ (CD)
Plastid: ‘Гестапо/Gestapo’ 2€ (CD-R)

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