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Absentation - Antimatter Rites

Posted by situationright on April 7, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Absentation – Antimatter Rites – Full-length – 2020


Antimatter Rites is the fourth full-length album from the Syrian one-man-band Absentation. Mental Battle Resurrection was the first album released back in 2007 and since 2018 the band releases three new ones including the one I am about to review. With a couple of singles in-between the first and second full-length, Absentation takes on a more serious and hard-working approach with Ascending to Desolate (2018) and The Intellectual Darkness (2019). In 2019 the only band member Salah Alghalayeeni start collaborating with the Macedonian record label Darzamadicus Records and thus the result is the latest two professional releases.


Antimatter Rites is a musical piece that should and will be largely accepted by the metal community. The compositions take on a more traditional death metal approach while being constantly seasoned with sporadic modern and technical parts. Although the tempo and rhythmic sections tend to continuously change within each composition, the author made sure that each song will give you the big picture at the end. Generally fast-paced with insane foot-work on the drums, there are moments when the songs dwell into slower and core-like parts.


I wonder whether the drums are programmed since the sound is a bit synthetically which doesn’t bother me a lot. The guitar sound is softer in comparison to traditional death metal guitar and kind of appealing. On top of that, how many metal bands from Syria are there, so this band is something to get you intrigued in exploring its creativity. My favorite track is Gravitational Singularity.


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