Independent label and music fanzine


Independent label, fanzine and music friendly organization 

Stay Pure is my personal independent label, which I created in order to help bands present their music to the underground public. The label takes few roles in managing the promotion. The first one is the printed fanzine conducted of reviews, interviews, scene reports and other trivia. Distributed worldwide, 'Noise Gate' fanzine tends to present quality music and artists in the metal and hardcore scene. On the other hand, 'Stay Pure DIY' is the second segment. It's a small and non-profit label putting out discs and cassettes and spreading the word trough physical media. I do this on my own and I enjoy doing it. I would like any band that find themselves worthy of promoting to contact me and we will share a few lines. 

If you want a review or an interview get in touch. I most gladly accept physical copies of your releases, as I am a collector. You will receive an honest, detailed review of your efforts. 

My e-mail address is: [email protected]

My home address is: Boris Gjerovski, Cvetan Dimov b.b, 1200 Tetovo, Macedonia

My name is Boris, a fan of metal, rock and hardcore/punk. I have been involved in bands my entire life, mostly as a guitar player and singer. Later on, my life took the course of becoming a doctor of veterinary medicine. I enjoy listening to new artists and reviewing them. If you like the work I am doing I'll be glad to hear from you. Stay Pure!